Hail and well met

One of my friends just got back from Pennsic, and I wish I could’ve gone, so you all get a nice Rennie-greeting.

I’m Mackenzie Morgan, but the Internet knows me as “maco” (provided I am not required to fill a char[6]) and if you’ve Googled for information on “no sound ubuntu jaunty” in the last few months, you’ve probably visited my blog. Funny bit is that the post everyone who Googles that is hitting was only relevant during alpha, but anyway… Though my blog is ostensibly about Ubuntu and neat things to do on it, it’s been turning into a little feminism rant place just like Skud’s, so I’m glad she made this blog. I also write for What Will We Use, a blog my friend Bethlynn started to track OS marketshare and how Linux can (back to Rennie mode) succeed in its Queste over the Dragonne of Redmond. So far 3 of the 4 of us who have signed on to write are women. If you’re interested in joining us, there’s a “Write for us” link at the top of that site.

If you couldn’t guess from the above paragraph, I’m a Linux user. Specifically, I use Kubuntu, the KDE version of Ubuntu. I’ve been using Linux since July 2006, and I started contributing patches in October 2007. Soon, I hope to be an Ubuntu Developer. I’m also entering my fourth year at George Washington University in Washington, DC, though it’s only my third year as a Computer Science student, since I started out majoring in International Affairs and Japanese. I wanted to get a chance to improve on the little bit of programming I studied in high school, so I started taking CS classes and eventually switched when the CS department and Japanese department had conflicting schedules. I now study Japanese and American Sign Language on my own.

OK, so I think we’ve established that geekiness is my thing (Linux: check; polyglot: check; history: check). How about feminism? As I said, my blog is starting to veer off into feminism. And well, I’m kind of sick of getting marriage proposals the moment someone realizes girl + talking about Linux, even if it’s a joke. It’s an old one. And gosh-darn-it, I’m not dating a developer so he can fix my bugs!

Also: I’m long-winded. Can you tell?