Link Roundup Strikes Back (August 15th, 2009)

7 thoughts on “Link Roundup Strikes Back (August 15th, 2009)

      1. Coda Hale

        I saw District 9 on Friday and I think the review’s totally off-base. It’s a negative portrayal of humanity as a whole, and the roles played by white actors were equally (if not more) odious. It’s not The Color Of Fear, but it’s also not a trite white-guy-to-the-rescue film like Power Of One. I’d still recommend seeing it.

        I will agree (not with the reviewer, but with the commenters) that a female lead or role or—hell, even a bystander with personality would have been nice. There wasn’t much to prevent it, structurally speaking, so I think it boils down to laziness, ignorance, or timidity.

      2. Skud

        Coda, I think people of color are in a better position to point out racism than us white folks are. I’m going to assume Cleo knows what she’s talking about on this one, just as I would expect people to listen to me, as a member of the group affected, if I were to review a film and say it was pretty seriously sexist.

    1. Skud

      Yup, comments here are just fine! No, there’s no delicious account, we just do them as a running draft here in the blog. But we did link to the Penny Arcade stuff in our first link roundup the other day.

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