Open thread, David Attenborough style

As you know, Bob, comments on this here blog are closed after 14 days in a probably-futile attempt to forestall entropic decay. That’s why we have these here open threads.

Do you like nature documentaries? I do. These birds of paradise remind me of 80s-era arcade game sprites, and make me happy. Also happy-making: Stephen Fry and the moonwalking manakin bird.

How about you?

4 thoughts on “Open thread, David Attenborough style

  1. Mary

    Is it just me, or have nature documentaries got more explicit since the good old days? I see snatches in the electronics stores all the time, and the moment the big cats snap the neck of their prey seems to be shown much more often than in the heart-warning documentaries about elephant family groups I recall from my childhood. (One in particular sticks in my mind with a calf born unable to walk due to overly tight ligaments or something, and all the female elephants in the family hopefully rubbing it with their trunks. It walked after a few weeks.)

    1. Bene

      I periodically watch Nature on PBS here in the US, and I’d have to say that’s definitely true, that they’ve definitely become less self-censoring. More blood, more guts, more things that read as terrible or cruel by human standards. I don’t know if that’s television standards changing, a change in popular science, or a desire for verisimilitude in said programs.

  2. Erigami

    Your contact page says to comment on open threads as a way to contact you, so here goes:

    Daylight Atheism has a post on atheism and gender. I thought you may be interested, as (a) it deals with gender and (b) most of the atheists I know are geeks.


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