Women at LCA2010

LCA2010 (the conference usually known as “linux.conf.au”, but in New Zealand for 2010) has an initiative to sponsor diverse attendees. Google is sponsoring the LCA2010 Diversity Programme in which Open Source contributors who are members of a minority group, including women, can apply to receive up to NZD1000 towards attendance at LCA2010 in January in New Zealand. Applications for LCA2010 assistance from this program close on Friday 2 October 2009.

They’ve also just announced their programme (I co-chaired the selection committee, but aggravatingly can’t attend due to conflicting commitments re bringing new life into the world, talk about poor timing kid). Women speakers are:

Congratulations selected speakers.

Update, per pfctdayelise in comments, see also the LCA2010 Haecksen & Linuxchix miniconf, now accepting submissions from women. This will be the fourth time a women’s miniconf has run in addition to the main programme.

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