Your chance for geek feminist fame! Build us a cookie generator.

Liz and I think there should be a LOLCOOKIE generator so we can give cookies to people who deserve them, but we’re too lazy/tired/busy/spoonless to do it right now. But hey, GF readers are a bunch of nerds, right? There’s gotta be someone who’ll take this on.

Your mission:

1. Take this picture (click through for full size version)…


2. Write a script which will superimpose a message of the user’s choice, similar to the cookies shown in this Flickr set. Mimicking icing as closely as possible would be ideal, though straight text will do.

3. Add a web front-end, so people can easily build their own cookies. It should run on any halfway decent web host with minimal extra installs, please.

4. Bonus points: figure out a way to allow hotlinking within reason, but prevent DDoS. (Yeah, I know.)

23 thoughts on “Your chance for geek feminist fame! Build us a cookie generator.

  1. tigtog

    Parts 1-3 are beyond me, but for the bonus points in 4 I wonder whether using one of the Flickr APIs that Big Huge Labs use for their image generator apps would work for people here: a freshly-generated cookie could be uploaded directly to Flickr, and then people could embed it from Flickr. It could probably be hooked up to Facebook Connect as well, if desired.

      1. tigtog

        Yes. Since Flickr and Yahoo are now merged, it’s all under the one free yahoo account though, which lots of folks probably already have – you just have to enable the Flickr photostream options in your yahoo account and choose a unique Flickr username. Then you get free slots for 200 pics before you have to create another free account.

        I don’t know if there are similar Google APIs for uploading through Picasa for those who prefer GMail. Though if we enable an option for people to save their creation to their hard-drive then they could certainly upload images to Picasa themselves.

        The advantage of having the image generator work through Flickr is that the upload can automatically add a tag to all the cookies e.g. “geekfemcookies”, which would then be searchable. It would probably also be possible to automatically add them to a group images pool, or at least easy then for a Flickr group admin to do a weekly search and invite new cookie images to be added to the group pool. Then it’s a nice collaborative resource.

        1. Mackenzie

          200 pics? I thought the only limit was 100mb/month? Why not use the Flickr API to have the person upload it to their *own* Flickr account?

        2. tigtog

          Sorry to be unclear. I meant that the person would upload it to their own Flickr account. Then they could add it to the proposed Flickr group image pool.

          And yes, free Flickr accounts are limited to 200 images. They don’t close the account, and you can delete old images to make way for new images that you want to upload, but if you want to have more than 200 images available for others to see, you have to have a pro account.

  2. Danni

    This seems like such an excellent use for the Cairo graphics library. I threw together something really basic here:

    I’ve put it on github so that others can join in the fun!

    It needs a better font, maybe a texture for the text so it looks like icing (so not an artist) and to be hooked up for stdout so it can run as CGI (easy enough, I didn’t do this because I wanted to test the output on my computer more easily… it could be made to do both).

    Currently looks like this:

    It uses Python, Cairo and Pango (for text layout).

    1. tigtog

      gchick, I love the idea of that site, but I have a problem: is it supposed to show image previews of the fonts? Because if so, they’re not rendering in my browser (Firefox 3.5.2) . If not, how am I supposed to know which fonts I would want to download?

      1. tigtog

        Thanks, Skud. That makes sense. User-generated content is great, but not all users fill in all the fields!

  3. sajbrfem

    Oooh, I wouldn’t know where to start with making a generator, but I have always wanted to make a font. One bodgy icing font coming your way soon.

  4. Dori

    Looks like no one’s submitted a final version that meets all the criteria, so here’s my partial attempt: Make a GG cookie. And here it is in action: Here’s your cookie.

    It should work in just about all modernish browsers (although IE won’t do quite what I wanted, to no one’s surprise).

    1. Skud Post author

      Sweet! (no pun intended)

      In my browser, the input form overlaps the cookie, which is probably suboptimal; some CSS positioning (position: absolute; top: 620px, or something like that) should help.

      I guess there was an implicit requirement that I didn’t think to mention… the ability to paste the cookie into comment threads. The downside to a JS implementation is that you can’t do that :-/ The upside is that the code’s visible and easily copied/modified :)

      1. Dori

        Ah, that’s what comes of rushing and making assumptions (and for someone who wrote a book on CSS, I should certainly know better!).

        Okay, the positioning bug is fixed now.

        There’s probably some way to hack an iframe from that page which could be placed on comment threads, but yeah, it’s an HTML page, not a stand-alone graphic. But if anyone finds the code useful to build off of, you’re welcome to it!

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