Studies show that women evolved to linkspam (23rd September 2009)

6 thoughts on “Studies show that women evolved to linkspam (23rd September 2009)

  1. Cheryl

    Minor correction: Guy Adams is the publisher of the book, not the editor. So the choice of people to interview was made by someone else (James Cooper), but Guy is sticking his hand up and taking the rap because he’s senior management and feels he should have noticed the mistake.

  2. koipond

    I’m just going to add that everyone here always has the best titles for link posts.

    Nothing constructive to add, just a “hee, awesome” to share.

  3. shortcinema

    Apologies if I am asking this in the wrong place.

    I want to comment on an older post from August but am unclear how. I read in your About section that you “regularly post an open thread where you can post about any subject you want, including older topics.”

    I am unclear how to “post”. I then thought post meant I use the comments on the open thread post but the comments I have seen so far relate only to the subject of the open thread post.

    Just have a burning desire to add a tiny voice to an old conversation. How do I do that?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Skud

      Please go ahead and post anything you like on the Open Thread. The subject matter there is just a fun starting point if people feel like talking about it, but you can talk about anything else you like, too.

  4. Regina

    Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for posting my website and info about my research here! I really appreciate it! I am doing all kinds of interviews over Skpye now, so people who are not in the Portland area can participate easily!


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