Upcoming Ruby on Rails workshops for women and allies

Leigh Honeywell is a computer security geek, hackerspace organizer, Ubuntu member, open source advocate, and probably the easiest-to-spot cyclist in all of Toronto due to her pink bike/helmet/hair/ramp for skateboarding combination.

Following on the heels of highly successful workshops in July and August in San Francisco, there are two upcoming free workshops for women and allies (including men, if they are invited by a female friend) who are interested in getting started in Ruby on Rails development. The one in San Francisco is already full, but there is one coming up on Oct 16-17 in Boston as well.

Both events are still looking for experienced Rails devs of any gender to volunteer, and the Boston event is looking for non-experinced volunteers as well as sponsors too.

Also worth a shout-out is the awesome RailsBridge community – check them out too!

1 thought on “Upcoming Ruby on Rails workshops for women and allies

  1. Sarah Mei

    Sarah Mei from RailsBridge and the San Francisco workshops here. Two things –

    First, we’d love to do more partner events in other cities, like this one in Boston. If you’d like to do one in your area, we can help.

    Second, we’re planning another workshop in San Francisco. We’d LOVE to do one the week before RubyConf (which is being held near San Francisco), but to my horror, that’s less than two months away! If we don’t pull it off, look for one in January.

    There’s an announcement-only mailing list you can join to find out about SF events:

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