Open Source Community Development, Systers Code Sprint

I’m involved in two very cool things tomorrow at GHC09 that I’d like you to know about:

I’m a late addition to a panel entitled “Open Source Community Development” — I just met most of the other panelists tonight, and I’m really thrilled to be involved:

Here’s the abstract:

The open source software movement has changed how products are developed, and how communities interact. The community of developers, writers, users, academics, managers and evangelists is critical to open source. In fact, the community is sometimes more important than the software. How do communities grow? Through traditional marketing? How is trust among engineers built? What shapes a community’s culture? What infrastructure does a community need? How do these needs change?

Right after our panel (well, actually, it starts just before the panel ends), Systers is doing a code sprint at GHC09. I mentioned this previously in a linkspam post here, and talked about why I’m so excited about it here.

The short reasons? Systers is a pretty awesome community of women, and I want to help them have exactly the technology they want. Mailing lists have long been one of the ways I “meet” other women involved in open source, and they’ve helped us form global communities. And, well, I’m a Mailman developer, so I’m always thrilled to have more participants on my open source project of choice.

Here’s a few more reason to come if those aren’t enough: this is a great opportunity to get some one-on-one mentoring from some great people, and maybe get yourself involved in an open source project or two.

And if you can’t actually make it at GHC09 tomorrow, don’t despair. One of our wonderful community bloggers will be summing up the open source community development panel and posting to GHCbloggers. And you can join in to the Systers code sprint remotely by irc! Details at the bottom of this page.

And if neither of those is your thing, there’s tons of great stuff going on, including a BoF with my own CU-WISE women, who will be talking about growing women in science groups.

Not at GHC? If you aren’t already reading, you should be — volunteers are already posting about the talks. (Including a post on the session I where I presented my PhD research!)

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