Ceci n’est pas une linkspam (4th October, 2009)

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7 thoughts on “Ceci n’est pas une linkspam (4th October, 2009)

  1. Jonquil

    (Edit by Mary: Please note that the comment Jonquil is referring to, and discussion of it, may be triggering. Trigger warning applies for violence against women.)

    Holy fuck. Shorter comment at Srsly:

    Nina Reiser was a Bad Wife, and it’s her fault we’ve lost the great developer Hans Reiser.

    1. Mary


      Hey, sorry it’s taken a couple of days to bring this up, but could you please add appropriate trigger warnings when starting this kind of conversation, especially when linking to the full text from the actual perpetrator of harrassment (although I think that blog has subsequently removed the comment)?

      I realise this may be hard if you were just triggered yourself (and if so, that really sucks).

      1. Jonquil


        No, I wasn’t triggered myself, just careless. I apologize, and I’ll warn in future.

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