Hackers: TNG

These are the voyages of the starship Adorable, presented as a unicorn chaser to yesterday’s awfulness.  Last weekend at miniSoOnCon, the Southern Ontario hackerspace festival, I got to meet and work with with a couple of kids who are well on their way to growing up to be the next generation of open source hackers.  Meet Amy and Zoe:

mini hacker

They’ve inspired me to submit a talk to Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest about teaching free software to kids with the Arduino.  I’ll be posting a video of that later.  Have a great weekend and Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!

1 thought on “Hackers: TNG

  1. Terri

    Thanks Leigh! It was wonderful to wake up today and have this be the first link I clicked on, rather than dealing with hardware failure or internet trolls or more local stupidity.

    The girls are so cute! And I wanna build a makerbot too. :)

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