Microblogging: Geek Feminist Edition

In a discussion a while back on Twitter, a friend asked me to point her to other geek feminists on there. I could think of lots of people on both Twitter and the various StatusNet-based services like identi.ca who I know through this blog, LinuxChix, Ubuntu Women, and other projects, but I figured it would be nice to have folks self-identify, and possibly what they tweet / dent about if so inclined. I’ll kick it off with my own in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Microblogging: Geek Feminist Edition

  1. Skud

    Well, I’m @Skud (on both Twitter and identi.ca) but I guess you knew that :) I don’t think I’ve actually posted about it, but updates to this blog are tweeted at @GeekFeminism on Twitter.

  2. Leigh Honeywell Post author

    I’m @hypatiadotca on identi.ca and Twitter. I post mostly about computer security, hardware hacking, hackerspaces, and free/open source software, a little bit of Canadian politics, and of course, geek feminism :)

    Edited to add: And of course I type slowly and Skud beat me to the punch on my own post! Heh.

    1. Leigh Honeywell Post author

      Forgot two other feminism-related accounts I run!

      @shecomputes is a project that started out of one of the LinuxChix mailing lists, and when we get it up and running, will be a repository of biographies of women working in computer-related disciplines.

      @askdaily is where I and others post happy little stories about negotiating in everyday life. I started it after being inspired by the book Women Don’t Ask. I don’t post to it often enough, and would love to get submissions from others!

    2. koipond

      I tried once to have a spoofy political blog for a while. If I had help I might actually try it again sometime.

      It was originally called, “The Canadian Party for Canadians” with the tag line of that “If you’re not for Canadians you were probably an MP.”

      We wrote letters to politicians. Funny letters to politicians.

  3. Terri

    I’m @terriko on both identi.ca and twitter. There’s slightly more posts to my twitter account because identi.ca and I can’t seem to reach an agreement about my cell phone.

    I post about a bit of everything in my life: computer security, teaching, gaming, coding, photography, nature, travel, Canada, women, etc.

  4. Azz

    I am @azurelunatic on Twitter and Delicious (and my Delicious and Google Reader shared items both feed into my Twitter). I don’t really post things on a set theme, but I share a large number of geeky and/or feminist links, as well as fanfiction recommendations and other things I find interesting or amusing.

    Fair warning, my daily life in all its tedium also winds up there.

  5. Kimberly

    I’m @obiwankimberly on Twitter. My tweets are all over the place (computer science, business, music, and a bit of lifestreaming) but anything related to feminism usually gets me in trouble — I could use some followers who could help me fight the flame wars, when they erupt. ;0

  6. Rick

    I’m shadowspar on both twitter and (rarely) identi.ca. I natter about a lot of personal life stuff, chat back and forth with friends in the tech industry and the 100-odd local folks on twitter, and occasionally even post something relating to software development, QA, testing, usability, open source, geek feminism, or activism more broadly.

  7. gchick

    @sabreuse on both Twitter and Identi.ca. No set content policy for either, although twitter tends to get the real-life and work chatter, while the people I know on Identi.ca are, well, y’all.

  8. Dorothea Salo

    @TheRepoRat on Twitter. @digipreserve is also mine, but it’s for work so it’s less interesting.

  9. Meli

    I’m @sillyhead on twitter. Being of a more science geek bent than a computer geek one, I tend to update about interesting sciencey stuff (often from my college courses), feminism, cool stuff online, and personal life bits.

  10. Brenda

    i use my own microblogging server
    Anyone on identi.ca can subscribe to me – just head to http://micro.br3nda.com/br3nda
    Then press the green “subscribe” button. you’ll need to enter the URL to your identi.ca page on next form, and then follow your nose.

    1. Terri

      Ooh, thanks, Brenda. I hadn’t had an excuse to try connecting servers like that before, and it’s even easier than I imagined… once I remembered to turn on cookies. Someday, I’ll have to set up a server of my own.

  11. Monique,

    I’m bounceswoosh on twitter … I post about a lot of things; some number of them relate to tech or feminism, but you’ll also see a lot of stuff about my pets and my activities.

  12. Beth

    I’m @sylvanstargazer on twitter, talking about code-stuff, video games, occasional politics and other pieces of life.

  13. Christine Spang

    @spang on identi.ca, @spanginator on identi.ca for me. I’d like to ditch the twitter, but there are some people who use it and not identi.ca who I really like interacting with. :(

  14. Matt Zimmerman

    I’m @mdzimm on Twitter and @mdz on identi.ca.

    (if anyone knows how I could get the defunct @mdz on Twitter [one one-word tweet back in 2008], that would simplify my life slightly)

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