Hottest linkspam evar. Or something. (27th October, 2009)

  • “Manolith” has a list of 12 hottest geek girls. I think you can gather from the name of the site how this list is meant to go, but I was surprised to find that the profiles of the women they chose were actually fairly interesting, and they included some serious geek credentials as part of their selection criteria. (No Women near tech for them?) But yeah, although that’s an interesting nugget, the list is a lot of drooling and scantily clad celebrity geeks — click at your own risk, and I’m guessing you should just skip the comments.
  • Shweta Narayan explains things to John Ottinger III after his post “For Those Who Cry Sexism or Racism in SF Anthologies, Shut Up”. Ottinger apologizes, Narayan tells him keep on speaking up.
  • In one of her other blog lives, our own Liz Henry hosted Disability Blog Carnival #59: Disability and Work. Without reposting the whole carnival, here are some of the posts of geek feminist interest:
    • Disability and Work: What I do, talking about work and play in the light of ideas in Ursula Le Guin’s The Dispossessed, together with disability and unemployment, together with women’s work (including fandom) not counting as real work.
    • Disability Employment Awareness Month, about working at an open source company (warning per Liz: “contain[s] some hatred expressed towards disabled scooter users who are fat”)
  • Pamela Fox was asked to prove her technical chops after giving a non-technical talk in a non-technical (apparently) outfit. She asks Should I Defend My Cred?
  • Kaliya Hamlin submitted a panel proposal to SXSW entitled “What Guys are Doing to Get More Girls in Tech!”,  SXSW Panel Selected — now to find Panelists
  • Despite Elizabeth Blackburn’s Nobel win, women face battles, particularly presence in senior roles.
  • Apple’s iPhone App Store is hard on satire, but fine with “Asian Boobs” (note, several sexualized example photographs from the application in question will be displayed at the link)
  • A slashdot comment compared the Windows 7 launch to the return of a difficult ex-girlfriend, Decklin Foster parodies with the genders reversed. (Warning: there is ableist language in the original comment and it is not questioned by the parody.)

If you have links of interest, please share them in comments here, or if you’re a delicious user, tag them “geekfeminism” to bring them to our attention. Thanks to everyone who suggested links in comments and on delicious.

6 thoughts on “Hottest linkspam evar. Or something. (27th October, 2009)

  1. moose

    Wow. that person who wrote the post that included the “hatred towards fat disabled people” really pissed me off. And, yes, I said something.

    They go on about how they’ve been “othered” and how their disability is just another thing to make them different.

    And then they have the audacity to turn around and say that fat people using carts annoy them. Because, you know, fat people are just lazy jerks who never exercise, constantly eat (and always junk food), etc. and are of course deserving of scorn and 2nd class status. How dare they be disabled, too! The nerve!


    *cough* sorry. Thanks for the links! :-)

  2. Meg

    WTF @ slashdot. Every time I think I should go see what’s going on over there, ’cause it’s clearly where all the smart nerd kids hang out, the comments quickly remind me that “nerdy” and “stupid” are not mutually-exclusive. It doesn’t help their case that the top story atm (neanderthals and ‘modern’ humans interbreeding) is old news. Like, “inspiration for Clan of the Cave Bear” old, which probably means it’s older than most of the posters themselves. WTF, again.

    1. Zack

      Slashdot hasn’t been where all the smart nerd kids hang out since, idunno, 1997 is when I gave up on it. Didn’t even last as long as (pockets of) USEnet.

      Not that I have any idea where the smart nerd kids do hang out. I think they’re probably smeared thin across many different blogs.

      1. Zack

        My memory is less reliable than I thought — Slashdot didn’t even exist before 1997. So it must have been some time after that that I gave up on its comment threads. *shrug*

  3. Zack

    Linkspam submission: from Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker rags on this dumbass “most influential” list that doesn’t mention a single woman (and seems to be all about execs rather than coders, see also )

    (Disclosure: I work for MozCo.)

  4. Gustavo Noronha

    The comments on the ‘hottest geek girls’ are surprisingly civil. Most people seem to heartly admire the women who were profiled by their geekness and for the work they do, not only for their beauty.

    I have found 2 not civil comments before I stopped reading. One was from a guy, standard sexism, the other was from someone who claimed to be a feminist, demanding that a ’12 hottest geek guys’ post was now mandatory =(.

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