Quick hit: Girl-Wonder.org calls for help

Update Oct 30: Betty has received the offers of help she needed. Thanks.

I’ve always thought of girl-wonder.org as one of geekfeminism.org’s big sisters, so here’s a signal boost for them. Karen Healey writes:

As you might know, I’m involved with the running of Girl-Wonder.org, a feminist comics fan site. Lately the site has been plagued by malware, the source of which is as yet unknown. After valiant effort at piecemeal destruction, the webmistress finally resorted to asteroid bombardment, and the destruction resulting is pretty extensive.

If any of you are experienced in civicrm, and could lend Betty a hand in putting everything back together, that would be excellent of you. Please contact her at [ETA email removed, now that help is on the way.]

If you have as much idea of civicrm as I do (which is, it starts with a c) it would be great if you could signalboost this call for help.

I’ve turned comments off on this post: get in touch with Betty directly if you can help out.

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