Quick hit: open source leadership survey

Yesterday at ApacheCon I met Yeliz Eseryel, a researcher from Groningen University who’s looking into leadership in open source projects. If you’re involved in any open source project and have a few minutes to spare, please take her survey.

The survey asks you to pick any one project you know of, and talk about the leadership of it. If you pick a project with women in leadership roles, please comment below and let us know about it. If they’re not already on the GF wiki’s list of women in free and open source software, please add them. (Yes, anyone can edit!)

You can find out more about Yeliz and her group’s research at floss.syr.edu. I noticed this on the page:

NOTE: Want to have us do research on Open Source that can contribute back to your community? Email me at yeliz2002@gmail.com and suggest areas (or questions) of Open Source that we should study. YOUR input is important.

I’ll point her at this list of research ideas from a couple of months back. If you’ve got any others please let her know!

5 thoughts on “Quick hit: open source leadership survey

        1. Brenda

          it seems to alternate between saying “he/she” and just saying “he”.. mostly it’s both, but there are still some slip up.s

  1. Yeliz Eseryel

    Ah, horrible mistake isn’t it? And I found that when I want to make such small changes in the survey, the results are then treated as if they were separate surveys. So I left the rest as they were.

    By the way, I thank everyone who filled out the survey. And thank you Skud, for getting the word out.

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