Open hardware, open thread

I was interviewed about open source hardware on Amber Mac‘s WebNation last week, and wanted to share the video.  Sadly I can’t embed it, but here it is:

I’d love to hear what kinda of awesome hardware projects other folks are working on in the comments here… or as with other open threads, anything else that’s on your mind.

17 thoughts on “Open hardware, open thread

  1. Skud

    I have a sore throat, but I’m not sure if that means I’m coming down with something, or just dehydrated, or what. Working from home is a no-brainer in any case, but what I’m really trying to figure out is whether I should go to the gym. *sigh*

  2. Christine

    Leigh, I thought you did a great job in that video. That is a really exciting project and I wish they had shown more of the video they took. You made me want to get back into hardware hacking. I just have to learn electronics again.

      1. Christine


        Thank you so much for that link! I am reading everything there and thinking about all of the parts I have around here. I have a couple of simple books here somewhere I think that I need to study before I begin, but I am definitely feeling inspired. I just don’t want to mistake a diode for a resistor or something and make a mess. (grins)

  3. koipond

    All I know, is that i needs to get more sleep.

    I wish I could add something to a hacking physical stuff but me and tools aren’t always the best combination.

  4. Brinstar

    Hiya. I’d like to contact one (or all) of the contributors about something, and I am leaving a comment here with a valid email address per the instructions on the About page. Thanks! :)

  5. Rick

    I’ve actually been kinda inspired by all the open hardware stuff I’ve seen in the past few weeks — so much so that when the sound went out in my headphones the other day, I said to myself, “Yannow — I’m sick and tired of paying for new earbuds every couple of months. I’m gonna fix these damn things.”

    I know, I know. Baby steps. =)

  6. LC

    Leigh, you made me – famed walking hardware and technology jinx – want to get into hardware hacking.

    Now I *really* want to check out hacklab next time I’m in town.

    1. LC


      I just realized that that could read as a threat to come by and jinx all your hardware.

      That is not my intention. ^_^

    2. Terri

      Ooh, if you’re jinx-free, maybe I should come visit too. I’m gonna be in the big smoke at the end of the month!

  7. Alkali

    Just wanted to point out something that upset me recently…
    Sparkfun (who I buy a lot of stuff from, and generally seems pretty inclusive) has made a small offhand comment about buying stuff for “child/hacker/husband/friend”. Apparently wives don’t need or want sparkfun stuff.

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