Pink sparkly linkspam (November 16th, 2009)

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13 thoughts on “Pink sparkly linkspam (November 16th, 2009)

    1. Graham

      I was doing fine with the Dollhouse thread until it got to “I don’t see it as insulting, therefore you shouldn’t be insulted,” then I gave up on the debate.

      The show had lots of issues, true; I’m ambivalent about it going away to be honest. But I did find the article itself to be rather gloaty and condescending. Maybe that’s just me.

      1. Leigh Honeywell

        I’m a little ambivalent about it too — though I’m admittedly more in the “I thought it was pretty problematic and am not unhappy it was cancelled” camp — but I found the “OMG HOW DARE YOU BE HAPPY IT’S CANCELLED I AM PERSONALLY HURT BY THIS” whining to be both irritating and uninteresting.

  1. Asad

    I dunno if this has been covered here yet but here is a Google cache of a rather SurveyFailish survey, hmm, eh? Get it while it’s cached, as the original has been obliterated. I’m guessing that we should be expecting Rule 34 on the shelves any month now, give or take a year or three.

  2. FoolishOwl

    I looked at Gail Carmichael’s blog post, “Quick Thoughts on Pregnancy and Grad School,” and was immediately struck by how the women commenting on it were in general agreement, based on careful thought about the optimal moment to have children. It struck me by contrast with some “how to be a good programmer” essays I’d read lately, written by men, which emphasized the importance of discipline and concentration on programming, and eliminating all distractions from one’s life.

    It’s striking me that the emphasis on monomaniacal concentration only works on an implicit assumption of privilege — that important matters other than programming will be handled by someone else.

    I find it all too easy to lapse into such an attitude.

    At the risk of asking a Feminism 101 question, what’s a better way to balance these things?

    1. Leigh Honeywell

      I don’t think it’s a 101 question at all, but sadly nor do I have an answer to it. Your comment immediately brought to mind Paul Graham’s essay “Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule” from a few weeks back.

      I’d love to read a further essay – Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule, Mother’s Schedule. But I’m not the one to write it. And really, it should be Parent’s Schedule – but that lacks in alliteration :)

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