Linkspam, the country where I quite want to be (8th December, 2009)

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9 thoughts on “Linkspam, the country where I quite want to be (8th December, 2009)

  1. Skud

    “homophobic underbelly of the gaming community” … ha! If there were such a thing as an overbelly…

  2. Restructure!

    Re: Scientist Carrie: Geeks, meritocracy, and gender:

    I have a post, Feynman was not being arrogant when he told people, “You’re wrong!”, which fails at being applicable to all work situations, because it specifically assumes a technical/geek work situation. I discuss research showing that when the topic is stereotypically feminine, men are tentative and women are confident. I also argue, in essence, that the merit-and-confidence/pushiness-ocracy is correct and desirable, and we women need to be more uppity. (However, the confidence issue alone does not explain the gender gap, as there is the separate issue of gender discrimination in hiring due to unconscious bias. This is more about what to do if you have already been hired.)

  3. Mel

    What Skud said, ha. (Although I must confess, I find that kind of CG person kind of creepy, and moreso when they’re having sex. Their weird staring eyes! And the dialogue in that particular game is pretty hilarious.)

  4. Carrie

    Aw, I’m flattered to be in linkspam!

    Restructure! — I really enjoyed that post. I’ll make a fuller response over chez vous.

  5. Asad

    An awesome critique (contains description of fictional domestic violence depicted on TV as well as spoilers) of the recent turns that the popular TV show Glee has taken is here.

    The whole Glee concept has the problems that the high school satire always will have, and that satire as a genre almost must have by definition. Glee, however, has for the past few episodes taken a darker tone with no satirical self-awareness evident. Meloukhia has some other posts on this re race and Deafness and sundry other things. Fail, eh?

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