Linkspam wears women’s underpants (16th December, 2009)

  • We’re a bit late with the link, but the latest Feminist Carnival went up at Undomestic Goddess on December 9. Submissions are open for the next carnival, out December 23.
  • Training bar staff to intervene to reduce the risk of rape — without any victim-blaming. As in, there’s less “watch your drink at all times, ladies” and more “we’ve noticed your inappropriate sexual behaviour towards other patrons; get out.”
  • Why James Chartrand Wears Women’s Underpants “James” outs herself as a woman, then explains how she wound up posing as a male writer, and how different her experiences were when writing under her own name. There have been several interesting followups:
    • Kate Harding drew parallels with the use of male pseudonyms by book authors in the past and, perhaps less well-known, in the present.
    • Amanda Hess observed that Chartrand had cultivated a very masculine writing persona, including using naked women to illustrate posts, describing one of her employees as “the team’s rogue woman” in “a good ol’ boys club”, and buying into stereotypes when writing about women.
  • We linked to Part 1 of Arachne Jericho’s series of posts on fictional portrayals of PTSD, but there aren’t forward links from that to the later posts. Check out the rest of the series: Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. A wrap-up post is planned.

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