Our degenerate modern linkspamming society (18th December, 2009)

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8 thoughts on “Our degenerate modern linkspamming society (18th December, 2009)

  1. Mary

    I just realised that “There’s been much discussion around the Linuxosphere (Linux.com, Slashdot, LWN), but most of it around Shuttleworth’s decision” may come across as a criticism of the coverage I didn’t intend to make. I didn’t intend to argue “the coverage is wrong to focus on Shuttleworth”, just that coverage of Silber would have been of more interest for the purposes of this blog.

    1. Carla Schroder

      Actually that is a valid criticism. Virtually nothing has been written about new CEO Silber. Hmm, that sounds like a job for Ace Editor Carla :)

      1. Mary

        Canonical themselves did, as they should too. As for the tech press, it’s a problem if no one does it, I agree, but I don’t know that it’s a problem for any one individual article, it’s more of a collective failure. Go for the gap in the coverage!

  2. Melissa

    Is making sure to specify “non-tech-savvy” enough”

    Because men are all tech-savvy by default and all that. Right?

    So, IMHO, no. It is still reinforcing the patriarchy in both ways.

    The “So easy…” problem is that it highlights women specifically as the non-tech-savvy people. While this phrasing does indeed imply that there are tech-savvy women, it is a minor concession because it still ignores the concept of non-tech-savvy men.

    The problem is still there.

  3. Jon Niehof

    PSA moreso than linkspam (because I can’t bring myself to link it): the review of Phantom Menace that’s on Youtube and linked from slashdot (and probably the rest of the web by now) spends significant time advocating violence against women (in occasionally graphic detail). Probably VERY triggery for some people, and I’m kinda regretting eating lunch.

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