Maths is hard, let’s go linkspamming (7th January, 2010)

If you have links of interest, please share them in comments here, or if you’re a delicious user, tag them “geekfeminism” to bring them to our attention. Please note that we tend to stick to publishing recent links (from the last month or so).

Thanks to everyone who suggested links in comments and on delicious.

8 thoughts on “Maths is hard, let’s go linkspamming (7th January, 2010)

    1. Mary

      Kudos to Terri for agitating for a fix for this, and our Theme Wrangler tigtog for getting stuck into it.

  1. lsblakk

    OMg. I love love love that A Softer World comic – thank you so much for that link. I might even buy a print. It’s kind of perfect.

  2. Brinstar

    Kotaku actually syndicated that top 10 list from, which is where the article originally appeared. However, Kotaku forgot to, or neglected to link to the original article. The post on Border House references the original article. :)

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