Linkspam may learn math anxiety, 8 February 2010

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6 thoughts on “Linkspam may learn math anxiety, 8 February 2010

  1. koipond

    There’s a really good book that talk about Math and ability called The Myth of Ability and while the book itself isn’t structure in a gendered way, it’s really is telling that all children can do math but the problem is that they run into a teacher that buys into an ability myth where some people can do math, say for instance boys, and others can’t, say for instance girls, and reinforces the myth through their actions. It’s pretty awesome.

    I also think Restructure! deserves a medal for dealing with the thread that follows that post.

  2. Anonymiz

    I’m writing with a favor. I’m looking for a good explanation online about what “derailing” is, how to recognize when you’re doing it, and why it really isn’t a good idea (to give to a teen boy I mentor, who has a good heart and is doing his best to evolve beyond his antediluvian environment–but is going to need a lot of help to get there). I checked at Feminism 101, but didn’t find what I needed (which may be a reflection of my search skills and not the available content.) I thought a link to something like that came up here a while ago–again, my search skills are failing me.

    If anyone can point me at something, I’d be much, much obliged.

    1. Anonymiz

      Thanks, Skud.

      Yes, I did find that (and bookmarked it), but the snark level is high enough that it wouldn’t be helpful in this context.

      But thank you all the same!

  3. Emily

    Are the L’Oreal fellowships only for the UK and Ireland? If so, that’s somewhat disappointing =(

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