Stompy Boots Linkspam, 12 February 2010

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7 thoughts on “Stompy Boots Linkspam, 12 February 2010

  1. Claire

    It’s not Sherry Turkel who was inspired by My Little Pony, it’s Christine Alvarado, who is a CS prof at Harvey Mudd College.

  2. PharaohKatt

    WRT the My Little Pony thing: I used to do that as a child! But with my mum’s hair, not My Little Ponys (mine were too small for that). I used to love find recursive patterns in things too (or any patterns for that matter). Maths is awesome.

  3. mohn

    Regarding the vagina/vulva shaped mouse: Yeah, just push the button and you’ll get where you want… While I like the idea of displaying female genitals in order to break up taboos I don’t like the public discussion about the G-spot – at least how it was discussed in my country. It didn’t help women to find out what they want but created another formula you have to follow to “produce” sexual pleasure, which doesn’t work in my experience.

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