Ask a Geek Feminist

This is an experiment: if it goes well I will run it as an irregular feature.

“Ask a Geek Feminist” is now taking questions! How it works:

  • if you’ve got a question you think a geek feminist could answer, post a comment in reply to this post. (Comments will not be publicly visible.)
  • about a week from now I’ll distribute questions to my co-bloggers and they can make a post with an answer to a question as they like
  • about a week after that I’ll choose some of the remaining questions and open them up to our commenters

Your question, if it appears in a post, will be quoted (possibly edited for length) but not attributed to you, unless you ask us to attribute it. Since we’re not making them publicly visible, questions can be about anything you like; however obviously if you stray too far from our comment policy the chances of ever seeing an answer are pretty slim.

101 (introductory) questions about feminism are OK for this post, but I suggest looking at Finally Feminism 101’s FAQs and the Geek Feminism wiki’s 101 page to see if you can get an answer there first, as we’re unlikely to re-hash things that are already written up at those sites. (Questions do not have to be about feminism at all though. Given the name of this blog though, feminism might appear in the answer…)