Cookie of the Week*: wingo on LWN

Cookie of the Week* is an occasional series highlighting action in the geek community to fight sexism, in order to show that fighting sexism is possible and happening.

A cookie for wingo on LWN, for this callout:

That was a sexist remark. Not on LWN, please.

wingo further explains:

In the absence of editorial deletions, sexism has to be pointed out or it becomes normal/accepted.

Image of a tray of cookies with cream centres

"cookies!" by ginnerobot on Flickr, used under CC BY-SA

Does anyone else have any cookies to spare this week?

* Disclaimer: cookies may not be baked weekly! This offer does not commit Geek Feminism, its bloggers, affiliates, sponsors, commenters or fans to a posting schedule. Heaven forbid!

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