LinuxCon Wants You!

I’ve been talking to some of the organizers of LinuxCon, and they are very interested in making sure that all women in the Linux community feel encouraged to submit a CFP to speak at LinuxCon. So if you weren’t sure if LinuxCon was right for you or your friends, consider this your personal invitation, and get those proposals in ASAP!

We’d like to encourage all women in the Linux community to submit a proposal to speak at LinuxCon, the industry’s premiere Linux conference. While our CFP has closed officially, we still have it open to receive last minute submissions.

LinuxCon 2010 is taking place August 10-12 in Boston, MA and will bring together the best and brightest that the Linux community has to offer, including core developers, administrators, end users, community managers and industry experts. LinuxCon provides an unmatched collaboration and education space for all matters Linux. With a wide range of speakers and attendees, LinuxCon offers a unique conference experience that encourages collaboration, progress and interaction. We invite you to share your ideas and experiences with the Linux community by submitting proposals for presentations, tutorials, birds of a feather sessions, panels, lightning sessions and workgroups.

We’ve got some more exciting LinuxCon related news coming, so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “LinuxCon Wants You!

    1. John 'Warthog9' Hawley

      It does, but they are still quietly taking submissions – as with students, most programmers procrastinate until the last minute and sometimes overshoot the deadline… The programming committee knows what’s going on, and is expecting this so no need to worry that the proposals are going straight to the circular file. I would get your submissions in sooner rather than later that said, they want to get acceptance letters out, well I thought by the 15th but apparently there’s been some reprieve:

      Due to the overwhelming number of submissions received the acceptance/rejection notifications will be delayed until April 23rd.

      But if you want to be considered get them in ASAP :-)

      Full Disclaimer: I work for the Linux Foundation, I’m not explicitly speaking on their behalf in this but trying to give some insight into the process as best I can.

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