Makin’ Buttons

Last year I got some buttons made, and they were a hoot:

because we do!

In anticipation of WisCon, I’m making a bunch more buttons.  So far I have:

  • Code is a feminist issue (from this comment)
  • Something about the Hive Vagina
  • Something about unicorns?

… but that’s it.  I know we have a bunch of other funny slogans and memes going around.  I’d like to get a bunch of different buttons made, so suggest away!

18 thoughts on “Makin’ Buttons

    1. tekanji

      I know that’s supposed to be ironic, but it makes me very uncomfortable. Especially since I’ve encountered a number of feminists who wouldn’t get the irony, as they believe it’s unproblematic to use the word “bitch” as a slur.

    1. Mary

      I for one regret not having a distinctive enough handle here: “I know Mary” would be somewhat ambiguous.

      However, “I know Hypatia”, for Leigh, would be awesomely ambiguous!

        1. Mary

          (for people who don’t know, I am “puzzlement” on Twitter and so on)

          I’d rather like “I am puzzlement” for a similar effect. But there can only be ONE such button!

  1. Mary

    Some of these (including “I know Skud”!) could be adopted as rotating taglines for, if we were to do the rotating tagline thing.

    1. Jonquil

      Two buttons, depending on people’s viewpoints of themselves.

      Hive Vagina Queen
      Hive Vagina Worker Bee

      (I’d opt for#2, myself.)

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