Linkspam that differentiates me from a doormat (20th May, 2010)

  • Hollaback, the websites for fighting back against street harassment, are raising money for an iPhone app allowing posting of harassment events and harassers’ images. Find out more and donate at (Via Valerie Aurora.) They need donations by May 28 in order to get any money at all.
  • The Climate at UW-Madison: Begins Sunny and Warm, Ends Chilly: a summary of the results of interviews with nine female faculty members who left the University of Wisconsin-Madison and seven faculty members presently employed at the UW. The interviews were conducted on behalf of the Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI).
  • ThinkGeek’s Heroine t-shirt series includes an Ada Lovelace tee.
  • Erika Hall writes An Open Letter to Our Industry: So, hey, there has been a renewed kerfuffle on teh Internets about who is included in speaker lists and bylines and why… Excellent… No one should feel comfortable with the current state of things. That state being seeing the same faces —of typically white, typically dudes—again, and again, and again.
  • A Woman’s Toolkit for Seeking a Raise: interesting discusion in the New York Times of much of the same stuff as Women Don't Ask covers – nice to see it in the mainstream press.
  • David Gómez-Rosado of Want magazine writes with Public thanks… And public apology: And painful because it comes from people that are 100% right and we were 100% wrong. In fact, we were left speechless with little to say in our defense other than shut up, bow our heads in dismay, and sincerely apologize. The issue at hand (pointed by several respected and celebrated professionals in the user experience community) is the total lack of presence of women in this our first issue.
  • How the sex bias prevails: transgendered scientists Ben Barres and Joan Roughgarden recount their experiences with how their perceived gender influenced their scientific careers and the differences after they transitioned.
  • Broadband makes women happy: Though men are stereotyped as gadget hounds, information technology actually brings more happiness to women worldwide.

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6 thoughts on “Linkspam that differentiates me from a doormat (20th May, 2010)

  1. Restructure!

    The Erika Hall post says this:

    I am also looking at you, organizers of lady-only conferences. At least the events that end up with an all-male roster aren’t exclusionary by design. A slumber party is no better than a bro-down.

    1. Dorothea Salo

      Yes, I was disturbed by that as well (and I submitted the link, so I’m the one to yell at). I’m never sure whether to be happy or dispirited when an overall message I agree with contains pieces of significant fail.

  2. Jon Niehof

    Drat, I can’t get the Lovelace shirt in a style that fits me. I don’t know whether to be annoyed that they don’t think men would be fans, or oddly pleased that I’m being subjected to the same assumptions which usually annoy women who want geeky t-shirts, or just amused.

    1. lsblakk

      I’m female but am read as male, and I also like non-babydoll tshirts. I too lament that this shirt is only available in babydoll style. I’m not amused. But when stuff like this happens I usually add it to the “make the shirt yourself” list.

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