Panel@SIGINT: Ask a geek feminist

Ragni blogs about writing, coding and beautiful text(s) over at and is moderating a panel of awesome geek feminists at a conference, SIGINT, in Cologne in Germany this weekend.

Five feminist geeks are teaming up to talk about what its like to be a geek, and a woman* on Sunday 23rd may at 5 p.m. The conference hosting this panel is called SIGINT, and is organized by members of the Chaos Computer Club Cologne (C4) hackerspace. SIGINT aims to discuss political and cultural implications of technology, as well as getting really techie. A hands-on soldering workshop event, hardhack is happening at the same time at the conference space.

Heather Kelley: gaming
Svenja Schröder: academia and net culture
Eleanor Saitta: hacking / hackerspaces / security
Leena Simon: net activism / politics
Ragni Zlotos: moderation

So, geekfeminists, what do you want us to address/discuss? We already have some stuff worked out, but we would appreciate inspiration from you.

Moderator note: this is not part of the post series of the same name, your questions will be public.

3 thoughts on “Panel@SIGINT: Ask a geek feminist

  1. Yvi

    I might even be there :) Not sure yet, because the drive is over two hours, but I’d love to go one of the three days and watch the panel in person :)

  2. Mary

    What I’d want you to discuss would depend on how 101 you want to be. Assuming this is a 101/outreach kind of thing:

    1. if gender shouldn’t matter in many situations, why aren’t we just behaving as if gender doesn’t exist?

    2. what can geeks do to help geek feminism?

    3. how is geek feminism helping geekdom?

    It would be great to have some mention/attention to intersectionality too.

  3. r4gni

    Hi Yvi! Hope you came, and I hope you found it interesting. While unfortunately nothing was streamed from the event, everything got recorded in quite a good quality, as I heard. And after refining the captured material, it will be made available.

    And, hi Mary. Thank you for the questions, we actually talked a bit or even more about each one of them. Except the first one, maybe. I am not sure if that point came out so clear.

    However, even though it was a small and politicized community-driven conference there were few people who made noise, and even sexist noise. We also got critizised for our personal-empirical approach. I am thinking of maybe writing up an addendum. Maybe someone from the panel wants to join in.

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