Linkspam feels left out (2nd June, 2010)

If you have links of interest, please share them in comments here, or if you’re a delicious user, tag them “geekfeminism” to bring them to our attention. Please note that we tend to stick to publishing recent links (from the last month or so).

Thanks to everyone who suggested links in comments and on delicious.

4 thoughts on “Linkspam feels left out (2nd June, 2010)

    1. Dorothea Salo

      Hi! Since you’re here, perhaps you can answer a question for me: why is Hack Gender not accepting previously-written blogs/articles/etcetera? (Hacking Academia did; at first that was the only way I was participating, though I was later inspired by other entries to write something new.)

      I think it’s a great project, would love to send you some material of mine from the Long Ago, but not really feeling inspired to write something new just now. : Which is, of course, my problem and not yours; this is NOT any kind of accusation, and it’s not meant (though it may come across) as a whinge.

      1. Anastasia

        So, the “previously published” thing is supposed to prevent people from, say, submitting every post they’ve ever written on a blog because they blog about gender. The other intention was to encourage the generation of new content: that is, we don’t want to just be a space with a bunch of links to things people have already said, because there are spaces like that in gender conversations. That said, if you have something you think is relevant, regardless of when you wrote it, send it in: if you happen to revise it a bit, or had new thoughts since, even better!

        1. Dorothea Salo

          Thanks so much! I understand the reasoning now.

          (Part of my denseness is that I started blogging early enough that the idea of a whoooooooole blog about gender issues still feels really wow.)

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