Open thread: hello newcomers

Let’s have a party. A better party than this party:

A monochrome unhappy looking woman surrounded by colourful balloons

Pity Party by Evil Erin on Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution

Several bloggers got keys to the Geek Feminism front page lately: Kylie of PodBlack Cat, Steph of 天高皇企鹅远 and vegan about town and Restructure! of Restructure!. Welcome to them, you’ll see them posting as and when they have time and inspiration, like the rest of us.

Two champage glasses, filled with confetti, being clinked in front of a brightly coloured background

Happy Party People Toasting Cheers Holding Champagne Glasses by D Sharon Pruitt on Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution

Let’s add to the party here. Are you reading any new blogs with exciting geek feminist content? Are you yourself new here and want to say hi? Come on in. This is also an open thread, in which you can discuss older posts, ask questions, tell stories, or anything else that takes your fancy.

5 thoughts on “Open thread: hello newcomers

  1. regis

    I’ve been trying to *generate* the odd bit of feminist geek content in between blathering about routers and tcpdump and such. Not particularly successful yet, but I’m new at this blogging-on-a-schedule thing.

  2. lsblakk

    Congrats to the new posters, I look forward to seeing your work in here. I dream of someday getting to be a geek feminist blogger…must. find. time. to. blog. more.

    All the best!

    1. Mary Post author

      lsblakk and anyone who is keen, being added to the front page follows from us knowing about you and your gf writing.

      Good ways to do this:

      1. Guest posts. Cross-posts of something gf-y you wrote for your own blog are fine, as is novel stuff. Just leave a comment on an open thread asking us to contact you about a guest post.

      2. Comment on our linkspams when you want to point us (including readers) to something you wrote elsewhere.

  3. ninjapenguin

    I just wanted to point you over to an interesting discussion about race and gender in the new The Last Airbender movie over at I am a huge fan of the cartoon series, in part because I felt they did a pretty good job with handling female characters. I’d love to see a more detailed look at the gender aspects of the movie or a comparison between the cartoon and movie.

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