A long time ago in a linkspam far, far away… (20th July, 2010)

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2 thoughts on “A long time ago in a linkspam far, far away… (20th July, 2010)

  1. ambyr

    A friend recently linked to this article about a Nerd Girls reality TV show. On the one hand, if the approach works at keeping more women in STEM fields, good, I guess. On the other hand, the “brains are beautiful, geek is chic, smart is sexy” thing makes me deeply uncomfortable (and made me deeply uncomfortable when it was directed at me back before I left the STEM track). I’d much rather an approach that makes it clear women’s participation in STEM is worthwhile because of the value of their contributions, not because it makes women more attractive to guys. And then there’s the whole “girls” used for legal adults thing. . .

  2. Pewter

    I’m attempting to podcast about warcraft and feminism. I’m still learning to podcast and talk about topics that are important to me, so I know I made some mistakes, but I thought someone here might be interested. I was on as a guest/co-host for one show.

    A lot of the feminist stuff is in the second half. I rambled and got off topic with the what is privilge/what is geek feminism but hopefully I got the points across well enough.

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