Quick Hit: FSF Women’s Caucus internship opportunity

The Free Software Foundation is looking for an [unpaid] intern:

The Women’s Caucus is seeking an intern to assist with its work to increase the number of women involved in free software.

Caucus projects include: providing resources for projects and organizations wishing to improve their recruitment and retention of women, raising the profile of women who are currently participating in the promotion, improvement or development of free software, and bringing free software to girls and young women. We’re especially interested in candidates with good writing skills, a strong commitment to free software, and a genuine desire to see an increased number of women involved in the free software movement.

More information here.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: FSF Women’s Caucus internship opportunity

    1. Terri

      I admit I also found it a bit weird that it was unpaid, which is why I made sure it was clear in my posting (it’s a bit buried in the original). I guess it’s not that odd for non-profits, really, just a bit unusual for tech jobs maybe?

    2. Matt Lee

      They’re all unpaid, which is very common for non-profits.

      For someone taking up any of our internships in the Boston-area, we do cover public transportation costs, of around $60 a month. This gives our interns at least the ability to go pretty much anywhere within the greater Boston area, as much and as often as they like, without incurring any costs.

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