Copy-kitty open thread

Oh noes, we’re due for an Open thread. But myself and my family are sick and stressed. What shall we do? I know, we shall copy-kitty a Hoyden About Town regular feature, and post some lolcats, that’s what we’ll do!

funny pictures
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funny pictures of cats with captions
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What’s your silliest time-wasting site? What links suit your befuddled mind when low on energy? What silly blog feature do you wish you’d thought of first? Do you have a favourite picture of your pet? (Note: I won’t do the Hoyden admin magic to actually embed images in the comment thread. You are left with links, cold, cold, dreary links.)

This is also an open thread, for discussion of subjects of general interest, things in older posts, and things we’ve never posted about.

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Mary is a women in tech activist, a programmer, a writer, and a sometime computational linguist. She writes at Her previous projects include co-founding the Ada Initiative and major contributions to the Geek Feminism blog. She's @me_gardiner on Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Copy-kitty open thread

  1. jon

    I used to really like the “what kind of post-modernist are you?” quiz, but alas it hasn’t been available for a while :-(

    In the open thread department, there’s something of a tempest going on in response to Shira Ovide’s WSJ article “Addressing the Lack of Women Leading Emerging Tech” and Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch response “Too Few Women In Tech? Stop Blaming The Men. Or At Least Stop Blaming Me.” My response: Yes it’s hard. Stop whining. Take some responsibility. Cindy Gallop has some good persepctives on WIMN’s Voices.


  2. John

    For time that’s not actually wasted, but just not spent on what I should be doing, I’d pick Wikipedia. But for time that’s properly wasted, I think I’d have to go for the notorious temporal vortex of TV tropes. And one of my favourite pictures of the cats that live on the same farm as me is here.

  3. Ann

    I’m 50, and was at the height of my geek prowess in the years leading up to the Y2K hype. About July 2009, I was suddenly struck by how much money was being made preying on the fears of the dreaded Y2K nightmare, and was a bit sad that I hadn’t thought to jump on the bandwagon sooner.

      1. Leigh Honeywell

        I wonder if it’s a comment on how white folks are chromatically pink?

        OTOH, it’s a lolcat, I doubt it was thought through all that well.

  4. Alex

    I tool around on when I’ve nothing better to do… Eh, I’m a pre-vet, it is sort of expected.

    I was just boopin’ about in awe, hoping to ind a way to get involved or drool on more blogs about geekish feminism. As a black/spanish geek who wrote a 25 page research based paper on the sexism built into World of Warcraft, I’m exceedingly drawn to the matter. A girl friend and I are also trying to start up a blog about issues dealing with race, religioin and gender on campus and around the world, so I was hoping I could ask a few questions about how folks got up and running with their blogs.

    Great writings! Hope you guys are having a great summer.

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