The spammers, united, will never be defeated

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3 thoughts on “The spammers, united, will never be defeated

  1. pfctdayelise

    Re Jodie O’Dell’s article. It reminds me of the discussion which was surely on this blog… although I can’t remember where… about how doing things for girls, literally female children, is laudable, but it is not as if all women over age 10 are a write-off as far as getting into a technical career goes.

    Yes, there are not enough women coming through the ranks, yes, right now we wouldn’t be able to achieve 50:50, but that is no reason not to try for _any_ increase. There are not only problems for school age girls – it’s all the way through into the workplace.

    I totally just paraphrased someone who said all that much better than me… maybe someone else can locate that discussion??!

    1. Melissa

      I also recall reading somewhere (specific location eludes me right now) that women are notably more likely than men to join in technological fields at a later point, moving over from their original (or even subsequent) careers. Rather than having the head-start a degree or whatever would provide, they work their way up from the bottom with the help of independently funded night classes etc.

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