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4 thoughts on “No power in the ‘verse can stop this linkspam

  1. lala

    Thanks for further reading about that unfortunate “Stop Blaming Men” post. I especially enjoyed the one from Rootwork because I think it addressed Arrington’s logical fallacy that led to his conclusion. He seems to set up a false dichotomy where one of the two points must be true:

    Either men are evil beings who plot to keep women down.

    Or there is no sexism and we live in a perfectly equal world and any difference between men’s and women’s situations comes from inherent gendered differences in ability and preference.

    It has to be one of the two according to his thinking. He doesn’t seem to think there is any other possibility. It seems to be a popular false dichotomy among anti-feminists and perhaps even tied to a lot of silly ideas like the idea that feminists hate men.

  2. sg

    I’m not sure if this is classifiable as “interesting” like the above, but I think it’s relevant to the topic of this blog in general:

    I love the Geek Feminism blog. I’m here, reading good discussion and thinking hard and seeing some progress, but better yet, seeing places where I can help nudge the line and encourage others to come think about things with me. But then I hit a comment section like this, and frankly it’s a little discouraging. Some of these comments (more than the article itself, and more than the blog post that the article’s about… *breath*) represent all that I dislike about how the geek/nerd world sees women. Makes me do the :/ face all the time.

  3. jon

    Continuing to follow up on the Arrington “Stop blaming men” post, I’ve got a preview of this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference at TechCrunch, disrupted: the third wave meets the agenda of awesome.

    One of the positive outcomes of the kerfuffle was adding an all-woman panel tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. (Pacific time) on Women in Technology. Right in the middle of the Grace Hopper Celebration, how cool is that! Any chance GeekFeminism could set up a thread for people to discuss before, during, and after the panel?


    1. jon

      The panel didn’t go well. TechCrunch’s Sarah Lacy moderated and kicked it off by saying she didn’t think the panel belonged at the conference and didn’t want to be there but Arrington had told her she had to. It kinda went downhill from there. Most of the panelists were in women near tech (I think Sara Chipps of Girl Developer IT might have been the only programmer). With six panelists on a 30-minute panel and a very active moderator, most of them didn’t get to say much anyhow. Julieanne Smolinksi’s got a great writeup on Lemondrop. Here’s my take, which also has a lot of the discussion from tweetstream and links out to other reviews.

      More positively, J’aime Ohm won the Hackathon over the weekend. Gotta like that!

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