Placing linkspam on pedestals (5th October, 2010)

  • The Haecken miniconf at (January in Brisbane, Australia) has extended their Call for Papers until October 22.
  • Sir, Can You Help Me With This?: a transman comments on becoming a goto guy: This is not the first time I’ve been singled out since transitioning. It even happens with people who knew me before and after the physical changes began to take effect. As a young woman, coworkers and friends never asked for my advice on anything mechanical or technology-related.
  • Gabriella Coleman has given The Atlantic an overview of her undergraduate course on The Anthropology of Hackers
  • A million starfish stranded, I’ll throw back what I can: Annie on Kotaku: I am a woman who games. I am one of millions. I enjoy gaming. I am not asking for it by being bold enough to play games online and interact with other human beings. I do not deserve to be treated this way.
  • Melissa Silverstein reviews The Social Network, a movie based upon the story of the early days of Facebook. She enjoyed it as a movie, but …as a woman and a feminist, the film illuminates another instance of just how superfluous women are.. Laurie Penny also has a review: Woman-hating is the background noise of this story. Aaron Sorkin’s dazzlingly scripted showdown between awkward, ambitious young men desperate for wealth and respect phrases women and girls as glorified sexual extras, lovely assistants in the grand trick whose reveal is the future of human business and communication.
  • Antipodean feminist reading up at the 29th Down Under Feminists Carnival (sadly, the worldwide Feminist Carnival seems to be inactive now).

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