Linkspam decided she liked math after all

  • Desperate to own Computer Engineer Barbie? She’s now up for pre-order on, shipping December 15, 2010. Other places may have her as well (feel free to note any you find in the comments, especially for non-US readers). Edit: Note that she comes as both African American and the stereotypical Blonde-haired Caucasian variety.
  • Think maybe Computer Engineer Barbie just isn’t for you? You might get a kick out of this photo of the Open Source women at GHC10. We decided to do a photo where we “patched” her to be a bit more free software friendly:
    Grace Hopper 2010-13

  • Ever wondered if complaining about sexist language actually made things better? The answer may be yes: Accusations of Sexism Spur Greater Sensitivity: “New research finds confronting a man about his sexist language can have surprisingly positive results.
  • Eva ponders, “What does Bechdel really mean?” examining why she originally disliked the arbitrary-ness of the test and what she gradually learned through applying it to things she loved.
  • You’re probably sick of hearing about The Social Network, but I’ve been told if you’re feeling like doing some outreach to feminists who believe that CS really is for loser male nerds, here’s a thread or two you might like (or hate) to check out.

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5 thoughts on “Linkspam decided she liked math after all

  1. regis

    Hi! I’m Dumb! What does the glyph in the black stickers on the Barbie poster represent? I’m unfamiliar with it.

    1. Terri

      The ones that look like a stylized f are the fedora logo. It’s actually blue, not black, but that’s hard to see in the small version of the photo! You can click on the photo to view a the photo at a more reasonable size (or even larger versions) and see some of the other stuff we were giving away and identify the hackers who were staffing the booth at that time (that isn’t even all of us who were there over the course of the conference!)

      1. regis

        Aha! That makes sense. I’ve been running CENTOS, so I’ve been missing out on all the cool logos. :)

  2. Daniel Martin

    Look, I agree that Amanda Marcotte doesn’t seem to be taking the erasure of women from geek history as seriously as she ought, but I don’t see her confining CS knowledge to loser male nerds.

    Of course, I may have missed something in those long comment threads, and maybe you were talking about specific comments and not the posts themselves. Somewhere around comment 60 my mind goes into “tl;dr” mode.

    1. Terri

      I’ll admit it: I haven’t read through the whole thread either. It’s just one I was asked to signal-boost privately but I didn’t have time to check it out thoroughly. The message did imply that the problem was the comment threads, however, so your intuition there is likely right.

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