Wednesday Geek Woman: Chang Jung a.k.a. Zhang Rong (张戎)

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This is a guest post by Wednesday. Wednesday (late of Weekday Blues) is a young geek feminist with an interest in postcolonialism, gender, acafandom, and literature.

Dr Chang Jung (b. 1952) is a Chinese author and historian most known for her three-part memoir Wild Swans , which documented not merely her coming-of-age in Mao-era China, but also the lives of her mother De Hong and her maternal grandmother Yu Fang. I first read Wild Swans at the age of twelve, and it left a vivid impression on me: her descriptions, the thoughtfulness of her observations, and her awareness of both privilege and oppression.

While Dr Chang’s published work has focused mainly on the lives of twentieth-century Chinese personages, it’s also worth noting that her qualifications are in linguistics. I was surprised when I learnt of this, because I had come to think of her as a historian, but I find the fact that her work is interdisciplinary to be pretty cool in itself.

Wikipedia: Jung Chang