Quick hit: A comic about sexism

Really, I suspect the title of this comic cays it all:

How every single discussion about SEXISM and woman-type stuff on the internet (and real life) has ever happened and will ever happen, always, forever, until the earth finally falls into the sun. (or until the patriarchy is dismantled.) - an entirely unnecessary comic by Gabby

Read the whole thing at Gabby’s playhouse

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Terri has a PhD in horribleness, assuming we can all agree that web security is kind of horrible. She stopped working on skynet (err, automated program repair and AI) before robots from the future came to kill her and got a job in open source, which at least sounds safer. Now, she gets paid to break things and tell people they're wrong, and maybe help fix things so that people won't agree so readily with the first sentence of this bio in the future. Terri writes/tweets under the name terriko, enjoys making things and mentoring others and has a plain ol' home page at http://terri.toybox.ca.

3 thoughts on “Quick hit: A comic about sexism

  1. tigtog

    There’s a Thread O’ Doom on this at Pharyngula as well, where I have been entertaining myself over the last few days. You’ve never seen so many blokes eager to prove the premise of a comic they’re denouncing as totally and utterly wrong.

    1. koipond

      Quick! I will now go prove this wrong by acting exactly like they said I will in the comic.

      Wait a minute …

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