Recruiting youth to our linkspamming lifestyle (2nd November, 2010)

  • Trying to do it mostly right most of the time: The Border House‘s rho interviews Failbetter Games’s Alexis Kennedy, primary writer for Echo Bazaar, about the game’s approach to diversity, sexism and racism in a setting that was historically sexist and racist.
  • Feminomics: calculating the value of ‘women’s work’: an interview with Marilyn Waring, author of If Women Counted. But how will we know [about women’s unpaid work] in the future? This past summer, the Conservatives, in rewriting the long-form census, eliminated only the section on unpaid work. That means that, in the future, StatsCan won’t be able to tell us with any certainty that men perform an average of 2.5 hours of unpaid work per day while women do 4.3 hours, like they did in 2005.
  • I’m Right Here: Rudy Simone on Life as an “Aspergirl”: Aspergirls is partly a personal memoir and partly a book of advice and support for women on the spectrum and their parents and friends. Simone has asked a chorus of Aspie women to speak through its pages, and this personal testimony is deeply moving.
  • British student invents a solar-powered refrigerator: [Emily Cummins] is a graduate of Leeds University, and was once refused a place on an engineering course because “she didn’t have the correct qualifications”. She qualified now?
  • “Renewable Girls” Peddlar Responds: Earlier this week, I critiqued the sale of a cheesecake calendar to help promote and sell solar panels, and asked readers to write to its purveyor, a dude called John B.
  • Stephen Fry, how could you? asks Laurie Penny. Unfortunately, everyone’s favourite gay uncle really has proposed that women only ever have sex for money, or to manipulate a man into a relationship. (oursin responds with to Penny: No, really, say after me ‘It’s always more complicated’)

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9 thoughts on “Recruiting youth to our linkspamming lifestyle (2nd November, 2010)

    1. Mary

      Laurie Penny’s linked article is already based on the updates, she wrote:

      Despite claiming to have been misquoted by Attitude magazine, Fry is on record in several other interviews opining that women don’t really like sex – for if they did, they would “go to Hampstead Heath and meet strangers to shag behind a bush.”

      (ETA: I haven’t myself followed links through to all the source material, so whether Penny is right I don’t know, but she does appear to be taking Fry’s position that he was misquoted into account.)

    2. lala

      Stephen Fry has bipolar disorder and he has said in a documentary that when he gets into his manic state, he will often do some wild things to stir up trouble just for the sake of it. This may be a possible cause of the incident, rather than a reflection of his real opinions. Only Stephen Fry can tell us whether that is the case or not.

  1. kaberett

    Sorry – I should note that the first link is actually mostly a link to a pair of videos, and there isn’t an obvious transcript.

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