Linkspamming into a brick wall (9th November, 2010)

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10 thoughts on “Linkspamming into a brick wall (9th November, 2010)

  1. Amanda

    I was gonna say, after looking at that first link and starting at the commentary for sometime, I’m not happy with the ageism, anti-intersectionality and anti-3rd wavers going on. Whole lot of “young feminists get off my lawn and take your gay/PoC concerns with you!” going on. Ouch.

  2. scube'

    some kick ass links in there – thanks!
    I enjoy the opportunity to see some new faces and great writing, and that was great.
    thanks again!

  3. Leigh Honeywell

    Probably worth noting that linking to stuff in spams doesn’t necessarily mean we all agree with the things the links contain. Because yeah, that first link… while I get the sentiment, it’s so full of fail.

    1. Dorothea Salo

      Yes, and some of the comments are worse. Worth putting an intersectionality fail warning on it? Especially with sentiment running high over the Moon GoH thing, some people might appreciate the notice.

  4. Carla Schroder

    Wired Magazine’s cover has nekked boobies. Cindy Royal writes the best cancel-my-subscription letter ever:

    “Then, I turned you over to see what fascinating topics I would be delighted by this month. Boobs. Right there on the cover. A pair of breasts, no head, no rest of body… just boobs.”

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