I want to be the girl with the most links (22nd November, 2010)

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4 thoughts on “I want to be the girl with the most links (22nd November, 2010)

  1. Lesley Hall

    I’m somewhat annoyed at all the coverage A MAN talking about lost women scientists is getting, when we have several decades-worth of women historians of science who have been saying the exact same thing. This seems to me pretty much the standard thing of no-one listening until it’s said by a bloke (even if the women have already been saying it).

  2. Maverynthia

    I’m interested in seeing links about programming and/or wanting to program. Wanting to start my own Open Source project for something the biggest thing lying in my way is “Where to start.” So far the tutorials I’ve seen have either taken one to a spot and left one there “OK we’re done with console… your on your own for SDL” or started people out with “OK read this users manual… done? Great, that’s all you need to know.” The over arching thing to all these things is of course the community already assumes you know what it’s talking about, or that your male and they use “The programmer… he he he he..” Which is a little discouraging to some that think that programming isn’t exactly right for them in the first place, but want to see what it’s all about.

    So, in short, are there any links to feminist programmers on how to start for different languages or even maybe a collection of tutorials by feminists?

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