What are you wearing for Wear and Share Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Katie


You may have heard the story already: First grader Katie was bullied over her star wars water bottle. The boys claimed that star was was for boys.

The story was picked up by epbot and others and there was a huge outpouring of support as people told Katie their own stories and sent on words of encouragement.

One of the things suggested was that Friday, Dec 10th be “Wear and Share Star Wars Day” where people put on their geeky best to support Katie and others who might be getting teased because they’re different.

I’m not much of a star wars fan myself, but I can dig up a cute little star trek t-shirt with a cartoon klingon on it for the occasion. Got any extra-awesome geek wear you’ll be sporting tomorrow?

8 thoughts on “What are you wearing for Wear and Share Star Wars Day?

  1. Laurie

    I have a free swag t-shirt I love for Casio graphing calculators that pokes fun at the TI Inspire.

    Katie’s wonderful mom has also asked that, with the season as it is, people donate geeky toys to kids (especially girls, if there are gender-specific tags). I’ve prodded my friends, and we’ve collected Star Wars Lego sets, science kits, everything-included non-pink craft kits, Star Wars and Marvel Comics hats and gloves, and some really great YA sci-fi and fantasy, all tagged with ‘gift for girl, [age]’ from a Giving Tree in my neighborhood.

  2. Mel

    I may dig out my Darth Maul t-shirt, which I’ve felt a little odd about wearing since high school–it doesn’t quite say “srs professional”.

  3. Cynthia L.

    My daughter is in Kindergarten and, like her twin brother (and parents!), is a huge Star Wars fan. She was so excited to be Ahsoka for Halloween this year but kids at school talked her out of it because Star Wars is for boys. It broke my heart (though, truth be told, I’m sort of a purist when it comes to original trilogy only…). I work and work to build her up but it just takes one comment to tear her down. Frakking pisses me off!

    Go Katie! MTFBWY!

  4. Meg Thornton

    Not having any Star Wars stuff, I’ll be wearing my “Keep Mordor Tidy” t-shirt – which happened to be at the top of the pile (or in other words, I wasn’t aware today was a special “day” in the first place, and I doubt anyone I run into is going to ask questions about what I’m wearing).

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