Open thread: 2010, new and improved

Our last open thread of the year!

Eternal clock

Image description: an analogue clock face, distorted so that instead of being circular, it spirals into the centre of the picture, with the numbers repeating. Image by Robbert van der Steeg, Creative Commons BY-SA.

A question for you: what would have improved your geek life in 2010? What would be the one change that would have improved your geek year?

This is an open thread, thus, you are also welcome to discuss other topics, including but not limited to older posts.

10 thoughts on “Open thread: 2010, new and improved

  1. regis

    Actually buckling down and doing more mucking about with PHP. Partly I got stalled out about it at work because the installed version of php on the work servers was one that had broken SNMP support, so I got caught in a mire of yak-shaving trying to figure out if that was the problem. In general, I wish I had made more time to (or had fewer distractions from) buffing up my geek skills. I’m on the job market now (anyone need a kick-ass sr. network engineer in the Boston, MA area?), and am finding myself running into a lot of job listings that talk about someone with mad network skillz *plus* scripting, linux admin, database, neurosurgery, etc abilities.

    As for geek gear, I’m in good shape. I’ve got my smartphone so I can have THE INTERNET IN MY PANTS.

  2. Meg Thornton

    A variety of things, starting with having a computer with a decent graphics capability, and not winding up with a massive attack of depression from about July through October. Can’t do anything about the computer this year (both of us are currently on the dole, yays), but hopefully I won’t have the depression playing merry havoc with my study routines.

  3. Mary Post author

    We’ve added a different “Recent Comments” plugin (Brian’s Latest Comments, if anyone likes it and wants to use it on their own site). If it looks really bad and spaced out with every commenter’s name on its own line, force a reload (Ctrl+R on many browsers) of the site to get the new stylesheet.

  4. lala

    Hi there, Geek Feminists! I wonder, do you think this blog could be used to publicize women-owned tech businesses? This blog has so many enlightening thoughts and data about women in tech, including the fact that they don’t get much attention and this is a barrier to their success. The weekly Geek Woman is neat, but what about a weekly (or biweekly or something) woman-owned tech business?

    The only ones I’m already aware of without googling are Ada Fruit, Flickr, and Slash 7 (and the only reason I know Slash 7 is because it’s co-founded by the man who made Scriptaculous). Needless to say, I could go on forever naming male-owned tech businesses. This is a problem!

    Women-owned businesses need more attention, as you keep saying. Why don’t you give them some publicity on your blog? Maybe let women submit their own start-ups to give them a leg up? If Wired isn’t going to do it, then someone has to.

    1. Mary Post author

      This is a problem!… as you keep saying. Why don’t you give them some publicity on your blog?… someone has to.

      There are a lot of whys and ifs in this, and the main answer is… because your comment translates to “Mary! in order to be a good feminist, I insist that you spend another couple of hours every week on this blog!” (I do both Wednesday Geek Woman and Ask a Geek Feminist organisation, by far the most time intensive features, if your proposed feature was to happen I’d be by far the most likely to be behind it.)

      So: I’m not really thrilled about the manner of this request to be honest, the quoted text reads like a guilt trip to me. No one is paid or compensated for their work on this blog to date, we simply do not have resources to take on every geek feminist mission ever, no matter how worthy.

      It does sound like a worthwhile series of posts were someone to take it on, the question is who will volunteer for it. I think the most likely way that would happen would be if you or someone else reading this were to volunteer to take it on as a guest poster (if you did it more than a couple of times, almost certainly you’d be given a login to do it as a regular). Second most likely is that an existing regular agrees to take it on, I’ll point the suggestion out to them and let them decide.

      1. lala

        I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t think through how that would come across. :-(

        I just wanted to convince you that it was a good idea. I don’t want you to think you’re a bad person if you don’t. I didn’t really think through that it would be work, either. I sort of figured that since it comes from user submissions, it’s no work for you, but I guess there is other work involved that I didn’t think about.

        I would indeed like to volunteer my time if I haven’t pissed you off too much from my crude comment.

    2. Leigh Honeywell

      While like Mary I’m lacking in cycles to implement a new regular feature like this, I just wanted to emphasize that this would be great content for the site if you (or anyone else reading this, really) is interested in writing it.

      1. lala

        Thank you, I’m glad you think so. Sorry that I put it in such a brash way before.

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