Open thread: geek clothes, current and rejected

Last year, Brianna Laugher did a visual review of her geek shirts, those currently in active use and those consigned to the crinkle-heap.

Here are her current faves, there are notes on the Flickr page:

Geek t-shirts I still know & love
Image description: nine tshirts folded flat and arranged in a square. (Image by Brianna Laugher, CC BY-SA).

Of these, she writes:

Only 3 (maybe 4) of these are men’s cut. In a giant not-coincidence, they are also the shirts I wear while exercising or bumming around the house, as opposed to when I go out.

Women geeks, including fat women geeks, like nice t-shirts too!

See also the retired shirts, of which fewer have good cuts for her.

Question: which geeky events, groups or organisations have produced clothing you are still wearing, if any?

This post is also an open thread for discussion of any topic of interest, including older posts.

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12 thoughts on “Open thread: geek clothes, current and rejected

  1. Laughingrat

    Hm…I do wear my “Hark! A Vagrant” t-shirts a lot. And the Miskatonic University one. Incidentally, the folks at Sir Critter do have women’s t-shirts that are cut somewhere between that ultra-tight “babydoll” cut and the boxy men’s fit, and get this–they are actually the size they say they will be. As in, if something’s a 2X, it’s actually a 2X, rather than a Medium. I was stunned. I don’t like everything on their affiliated sites, but if you want a t-shirt with a silhouette of a top-hat-wearing animal on it, Sir Critter has that. (Not affiliated, etc.)

    I wish TopatoCo and other geeky shirt companies would follow their example in regards to the t-shirt bases they use!

  2. Lampdevil

    My shirts from Jinx are still in the regular rotation. I luuuurve my World of Warcraft “I fight like a girl” shirt. Although my oldest one (dark green “Coat of Arms”) has finally developed a hole that cannot be denied, and must be retired. And I’m sad. The older shirts seem to have a looser, better fit than my newer ones, though. They’re all labeled women’s XXL or 2XL but the newer ones are snugger and shorter. Heck, there’s a red one I bought that just plain doesn’t fit right. It’s making me reluctant to buy more shirts, as a result.

    I can’t stand the cut of men’s shirts. They don’t work for me. A properly-sized women’s shirt is just what I need, but it’s hit or miss to find ones that don’t run astonishingly small and tight. I tend not to bother with online geek shirt buying, as a result.

  3. takingitoutside

    I have one shirt from Megatokyo that I still wear. It says “NPC: non-player character: pay no attention to me”. I saw it at a con where it must have been wildly popular – by the time I got to it the smallest size they had was a men’s XX (or something like that). I’m not sure what sizes they originally had it in, but they had sold out of most of the shirts when I found them. I intended to use it mainly for a pajama top and occasionally at cons when I bought it, and those are the purposes to which I put it today.

  4. Litda

    I wear a lot men’s clothes, Old Navy had a sale on men’s T-shirt’s in Batman and Superman logos. I also bought a TopatoCo T-shirt of Batman and the cast of Law & Order.

    Buying T-shirts sucks because I lift weight and work-out and have a non-standard bust configuration, in layman’s terms: My bust is big and my waist is small. The “typical” pink (I have no problem with pink) Batman shirts do not come in my size. They come embarrassingly small and reveal too much. If I wanted to show off my body, I’d wear a dress. But I wanted to chill out in a T-shirt, what is up with that.

    I’d rather buy a video game/comic related T-shirt than the one’s they sell in the store that say “California” or “Princess” on the for grown women. I would die of embarrassment.

    1. Tiferet

      I’d really like a babydoll shaped “Princess” shirt in pink but they are hard to find in size XXL :(

      1. Litda

        I like bright pink shirts, but when they say Princess or California they cross the line for me. Half my clothes are pink but they’re very bold and not very princess-like.

        I have a bright pink T-shirt that I wore when I took a photo with Adam West and Burt Ward, I thought it’d be tacky to wear a Batman shirt and I wanted to be casual.

        You can easily make your own with iron on paper, the quality is getting better. It’s a shame, I know what you mean. XXL sizes are hard to find. <=used to work in retail

  5. Liz

    I do wear pretty much just my geek tshirts. I miss my Free the Net! shirt from Meraki. It was mens’ cut but fit me really well, and I left it somewhere in London! Anyway, a list of the shirts I tend to wear the most: baseball jersey, Haecksen unicorn shirt, KiwiCon, “end patriarchy” html tag, shirt, another shirt with the Liberty Mecha on it – a girl with pigtails in a giant robot suit, Rock Your Firefox (which is a nice fitted thin shirt), and a Noisebridge shirt. I still like black tshirts best!

  6. Judielaine

    I was wondering if there were folks on the geek feminism blog author board also watching the Quora subject on feminism: . To be honest, i haven’t the spoons to see if it needs watching and help, but it wandered across my mind that the (valid) questions at Quora might benefit from the already compiled answers published here.

  7. Tiferet

    I’m not a big t-shirt fan but I have discovered that I do like a well fitting woman’s cut t-shirt in my size if the graphics are nice.

    The t-shirts I wear often are all from Hot Topic (media geekery) or Think Geek. Not coincidentally, they stock women’s XL and XXL.

  8. Tiferet

    Oh, and there is one man’s cut t-shirt I wear a lot–from Japan. It’s an Eikichi Yazawa tour t-shirt from I think 1999. :) It’s really close fitting so I don’t wear it unless I’m prepared to deal with having my boobs front and centre, but it’s so cool.

  9. Deb

    I’ve got a LibrePlanet (from the FSF) shirt that I like and a MeeGo shirt. Also +1 on the blue EFF shirt.

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