Everyone gets a linkspam! (27th January, 2011)

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3 thoughts on “Everyone gets a linkspam! (27th January, 2011)

  1. Anna

    I was kind of surprised (in a pleasant way) when I recently watched a Nostalgia Chick video that had a “troll” talking about George Lucas ruining childhoods instead of raping them. Sad how little it takes to make me happy.

  2. Carla Schroder

    LCA 2011: Keynote speaker censured over sexual images

    “Mark Pesce used some images in his keynote this morning which do not appear to have gone down too well with either the audience or the organisers.

    “There was one image of a pig indulging in sexual activity with a chicken and one of some women who were clearly indulging in bondage.”

    Indulging? Anyway it’s nice to see a bit of progress.

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