Cookie of the Week*: mjg59 on LCA Chat

Cookie of the Week* is an occasional series highlighting action in the geek community to fight sexism, in order to show that fighting sexism is possible and happening.

A cookie to mjg59 (who is a poster here also) for this response to rape denial on the 2011 chat list. Here’s an excerpt:

You’re right, you’re not diminishing what rape is. However, you really do seem to be doing your best to. You’ve taken Jacinta’s entirely reasonable demonstration that a significant proportion of the audience may have personal experiences that would leave them disproportionately likely to be made uncomfortable by sexual imagery in a conference environment, and you’ve used it as an opportunity to throw numbers around in order to forward the argument that the number of women raped by strangers in isolated areas is lower than 1 in 6 despite *nobody having raised that subject at all*.

Here’s a cookie!

brett dennen:don't forget
Image description: a star-shaped cookie with a smiling face drawn in icing. Credit: Lali Masriera (visualpanic)

Does anyone else have any cookies to spare this week?

* Disclaimer: cookies may not be baked weekly! This offer does not commit Geek Feminism, its bloggers, affiliates, sponsors, commenters or fans to a posting schedule. Heaven forbid!

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  1. Mary

    By the way if mjg refuses to share the cookie, Tom Eastman and Jason White among others in that thread have a valid complaint.

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