Linkspam outside alone after dark (5th February, 2010)

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11 thoughts on “Linkspam outside alone after dark (5th February, 2010)

  1. Meg

    PAX East announced Jane McGonigal as keynote speaker. AFAIK, she’s the first woman to be a keynote speaker at either PAX. She was on the Colbert Report too, where she told Colbert off for assuming gamers are guys (he asked if she was actually a 15 year old boy hiding behind a female avatar *sigh*).

  2. thewhatifgirl

    My reaction to the whole Wikipedia thing, as I said to a friend on Facebook: “I think women have other things to do. We can’t/don’t want to just be sitting on our butts all the time culling tiny little factoids for an article that 3 people will read in the next year and a half. Personally, I’d much rather write a blogpost about all of the things that I know than go through the bother of adding it onto someone else’s work and then having to deal with douche-y doods taking issue with my un-doodly perspective.” My friend agreed.

  3. Moose

    SCaLE may have two female keynotes, but I say, “So what?”

    If you go to they list 94 (ninety four) speakers.

    Of these, 14 are women (including the keynotes).

    Actually, I just heard that Mel Chua had to drop out, so that’s now 13. 13 out of NINETY FOUR.

    Having two female keynotes is nice and arguably makes them look gender balanced, but, under the covers, I don’t think they are at all.

  4. Shauna

    I found out about the Wikipedia article in the times via Echidne. She raises an interesting question in addition to the general problem of lack of female representation: how do women-specific topics get talked about when you’re working on a consensus model dominated by men?

    She pointed to a specific problematic gender-related wiki page (the page on “Gendercide”). While I didn’t have a chance to do much with it since I’m on vacation, I did create a wiki account just so I could delete the SCUM manifesto from the “see also” section. I don’t know if I have the energy or motivation to contribute to wikipedia as a whole, but I’d be interested in how they’d responded to an active group of feminists monitoring pages relating to sexism.

    1. Susan

      If more dickwolves links are included, perhaps also the most recent Penny Arcade news posts about it should be linked? I don’t know exactly how I feel about them (they basically say they didn’t do anything about it until their families started receiving threats as well, but they also condemn the people making threats on both sides), but they’re there.

      (The fourth and fifth on the page – no direct link.)

      1. Mary

        We don’t promise fair and balanced coverage of links, simply because the Linkspam compiler (me, most of the time) doesn’t have energy to make sure that all prominent links from up to 10 online debates per linkspam are adequately rounded up.

        But additions in comments are always welcome; thanks!

  5. Terri

    I think the dickwolves link that resonated most with me is this one:

    I don’t think the game industry has a problem of being too mature or too diverse, or that it’s suffering from a lack of pervy guy “humor.” This is just one thing: Penny Arcade will still have fruit fuckers, dickerdoodles and wank humor on the regular. It’s not like you’re “censoring” anyone by asking for understanding on this one thing.
    what have we got to lose by having some respect for people’s feelings in our community when they speak up and ask us to hear them? I don’t want to be part of a community where people say “hey, we’re really hurt,” and we say, “shut up, bitches.”

  6. Tiferet

    Crap! I forgot to recomment Friday night :/

    My original comment (sans links, already included above):

    Unfortunately, Gabe has allegedly been saying that if he refunds your money he’ll put you on a list so as to make sure he never sells you anything again, but I can’t personally find this quote.

    He’s being a huge dick on twitter and he’s got a bunch of douchenozzles tweeting in his support using the hashtag #teamrape, and I believe there’s a @teamrape account–nobody at PA seems to be able to be arsed to condemn this.

    Shakesville has a pretty good roundup going.

    New links: Shakesville open threads on this from last night:

    and today:

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