irony overload

The story in El Reg is pretty amazing as it stands:

LA Public Health Officials are investigating The Playboy Mansion after 100 techies became horribly ill in the wake of a party there.

(As a kernel hacker of my acquaintance snorted: “‘Techies?’ They’re domainers.”) Moving along:

The event was a fundraiser for autism charities including Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue Foundation, making it a perfectly legitimate way to round off three days of domain name seminars. And arguably tax-deductable [sic] too.

As well as the chance to discuss autism with Jenny McCarthy, and fellow Playmates Jennifer Walcott and Suzanne Stokes, attendees were also promised “gourmet food, beautiful lingerie models, great dance music, gogo dancers, tours of the grounds including the famous grotto, and plenty of fun photo opportunities”.

That’s Jenny McCarthy of anti-vaccination fame, Jenny McCarthy for whom no extensive debunking of Andrew Wakefield’s shoddy, fraudulent scholarship positing a nonexistent relationship between autism and the MMR vaccine will ever be convincing enough. I sincerely hope that, when McCarthy’s supporters fell ill, they had access to highly qualified emergency homeopaths.

All of which is to set up the hilarious conclusion, which is that I wandered over to the DOMAINfest Web site to find out what it is domainers actually do (answer: squat HAHAHA I crack myself up) only to discover that the Playboy Mansion reception was scheduled immediately after this:

Women In Domaining Reception (Malibu Bungalow)
Sponsored by DOMAINfest, this is a cocktail and appetizer reception for the women attending DOMAINfest Global. A great way to network before boarding the last bus to the Autism Fundraising Event at the Playboy Mansion.


8 thoughts on “irony overload

  1. Pierce Nichols

    Was there anyone involved who is not an awful, terrible, horrible, no-good excuse for a human being? Because I’m not seeing it.

  2. Medivh

    Sounds about right, really. An organisation that Others women putting on a fund raiser for an organisation that Others autists, and does it with an astounding hatred for actual medicine. And then, the hatred of medicine comes and bites them all on the arse.

  3. Margaret

    O.M.G. How can anyone have a fundraiser at Sleazebag Central? Ok, ok, never mind. *headdesk*

  4. Kim Curry

    A little off-topic, but pertinent to vaccines – DS did get his chicken pox vaccine, the one we were delaying, so he’s fully vaxed now.

  5. AMM

    I guess I’m a bit clueless, because it wasn’t exactly obvious to me what “domainers” do, even after glancing at the site.

    When I typed “domaining” into WikiPedia, I got redirected to “domain name speculation,” which I have heard of.

    If that’s what they do, I can appreciate the snarky comments.

  6. Steve Gerrard

    Thank you for a delightful post. It was a fine introduction for me to the Geek Feminism Blog, found by following links on another blog, and now bookmarked. It is quite a hilarious story, I hope you have recovered from your splodey brain. Domainers gathering for a domainfest attend a homeopathic autism fundraiser at the playboy mansion. Who knew such things could be?

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