A real thing in the world.

If you’ve been on The Internet a while, you may have heard of Etsy before. It’s awesome, and because of this awesomeness I was browsing it today.

Today’s browsing of awesome has enlightened me to the existence of this and I just had to share it:

A screenshot of an etsy item page, displaying a white woman in a dark red satin gown wearing a leather steampunk style corset, shoulder harness, collar and wristcuff. The words "Ada Lovelace Steampunk" are highlighted.

You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “A real thing in the world.

  1. Kaonashi

    That is so awesome it makes me wish I could wear a dress.

    Speaking of Etsy, I’ve bought awesome roller derby girls ear rings from Jessica Fink‘s Etsy store. They seem to be out of stock now, but they are one of the best presents I’ve ever bought. Jessica has some other nice stuff in her store and some really great art and comics on her other sites I think you might appreciate. Sorry for linkspamming!

  2. Terri

    Very neat find! It would never have even occurred to me to make a dress inspired by Ada Lovelace. I wondered at first if it might be inspired by a particular picture of an outfit she wore, but it seems to be more generally inspired by her awesomeness? Thanks for sharing this nifty piece!

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